The malfunctioning or early degradation of the original manufacturer’s parts or materials, caused by subpar craftsmanship or insufficient quality control, allows the manufacturer to choose between repairing or substituting the flawed component or material. The container’s assurance ensures it will maintain its resistance to wind and water for a decade, starting from the manufacturing date.

The warranty does not cover repairs resulting from regular wear and tear, improper or unusual use of the product, failure of added coatings, paints, stickers, prints, or decals to adhere properly, structural issues arising from overloading, incorrect stacking or lifting practices, damage caused by fire, flood, extreme weather conditions (such as hail, wind, snow, or ice), natural disasters, any unauthorized alterations or modifications, vandalism, negligence, or any other similar causes beyond the control of Skymax Containers L.L.C.


Skymax Containers L.L.C assures that all cargo worthy (CWO) and wind and water tight (WWT) grade containers are in good structural condition and completely water tight for one year from the purchase date. During this period, Skymax Containers L.L.C retains the right to ask for photographs, conduct inspections, and conduct any necessary repairs as deemed appropriate.