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Navigate your next project smoothly with Sky Max Containers, your trusted supplier of high-quality shipping containers in Long Beach, CA. We offer a diverse selection of new and used containers, perfect for tackling any venture, from secure storage for port cargo to trendy pop-up shops on the waterfront. Whether you’re a bustling shipping company needing on-site container solutions, a local entrepreneur seeking a mobile workspace, or a homeowner decluttering your garage, Sky Max Containers has the ideal container for your Long Beach needs.

Long Beach Shipping Containers: Built to Brave the California Coast

Long Beach weather is known for its sunshine and occasional bouts of rain. That’s why Sky Max Containers offers robust shipping containers specifically designed for the California coastal climate. Constructed from heavy-duty Corten steel, our containers are wind and watertight, ensuring your valuables stay safe from the elements, year-round.

Skymax Containers makes it easy to buy shipping containers in Long Beach, CA with our container storage facility located at ZIP 90744.



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Buy Shipping Containers in Long Beach, CA: New or Used Options

We understand that project budgets vary. That’s why Sky Max Containers provides both new and used shipping containers at competitive prices. New containers are ideal for projects requiring pristine condition, while used containers offer a cost-effective solution for various storage needs. Our knowledgeable sales team can assist you in determining the best option for your specific requirements and budget.

With 20+ years of combined experience, Skymax Containers is a trusted supplier delivering exceptional service service and products to our customers. We provide a streamlined online platform for easy ordering. Our Long Beach-based containers cater to residential, commercial, and agriculture needs. 

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Used Shipping Containers Long Beach, CA: Savings with an Ocean View

Sky Max Containers boasts a vast inventory of used shipping containers in Long Beach. Each container undergoes a meticulous inspection process to guarantee it’s wind and watertight. These containers provide exceptional value for those seeking a secure and affordable storage solution, allowing you to invest more in your Long Beach project’s success.

New Shipping Containers Long Beach, CA: Unmatched Quality and Security

Our new shipping containers in Long Beach are built with the highest quality materials and construction practices. Delivered directly from the manufacturer, they come in various sizes to perfectly suit your needs.

Whether you live in Carson, Torrance, Norwalk or any other town near Long Beach, Long Beach Skymax Containers can fulfill any of your container needs. Count on us, even in unpredictable winter weather!

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How do you buy shipping containers in Long Beach, California?

Sky Max Containers: Your Long Beach Partner in Progress

At Sky Max Containers, we go beyond just selling containers. We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable staff understands the complexities of choosing the right shipping container. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you through the entire process, ensuring you get the perfect container to set sail on your Long Beach project’s success.

Not sure how the process works?  Watch our video to better understand our process and different shipping containers types in Long Beach CA.  Be sure to check out the How to buy a shipping container and our Delivery guide section for more information. 

Shipping Container Specifications Long Beach, California

The most common shipping container sizes are 20 feet or 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.5 feet or 9.5 feet tall. The taller containers are called High Cubes. In total, shipping container sizes come in lengths of 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft 45ft or 53 ft. 

Shipping Container Grades

There are 3 main shipping container grades

NEW – One Trip

New containers are loaded once with cargo from manufacturing, these Shipping Containers are the highest condition you will find.

Wind & Water Tight – WWT

Units no longer certifiable to ship on trains and ships . These containers are great for storage and protection from elements

Cargo Worthy – CWO

Guaranteed to pass re-certification for shipping globally. These units can be packed with cargo and shipped worldwide.

Shipping Containers are known by various names

Here are frequently used terms for shipping containers


Dry Container

Marine Container

Freight  Container

OffShore Container

Shipping Container

Intermodal Container

Sea Can

Shipping Box

Sea Container

Container Box

ISO  Container

Steel Container

Cargo Container

Storage Container

Cargo box

Popular Shipping Containers

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National highway intermodal transportation routes

List of Interstate Highways in California on which freight is shipped via Intermodal container

I-405 – San Diego Freeway. The San Diego Freeway (I-405) bisects the northern and southern portions of the city is a major regional route traveling east-west through most of Long Beach.. I-710 – Long Beach Freeway. Interstate 710 is the Long Beach Freeway, following the Los Angeles River south into the city of Long Beach.

The Long Beach Freeway is the major route serving Long Beach from downtown Los Angeles, with the northern end near downtown Los Angeles. The Long Beach Freeway is also one of the major freight routes for trucks transporting goods from the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles to intermodal terminals in downtown Los Angeles.


At Skymax Containers, we are committed to delivering shipping containers of the highest quality to our valued customers. Our containers undergo rigorous double inspection to ensure they exceed industry standards.

We guarantee that all containers supplied by Skymax Container are structurally sound, weather-resistant, and in compliance with relevant safety regulations. 

We stand behind the quality of our products and are committed to maintaining the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Skymax Containers – Delivering Quality Containers, Every Time.

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